Monday, November 16, 2009

Get the dogs

“Get the dogs”, pronounced the mayor,
Agreement went through the crowd as he rose from the chair.

There were to be no more dogs in that town called ‘tray’,
All the living things watched in amazement as all the dogs vanished in a day.

The people smiled at the absence of dog shit near their garden fence,
Small eyed, big minds, they were preachers of the materialistic silence.

The new found echo of the silent bark was accepted,
“Dirty, filthy creatures they were”, mused the intellectual kid.

Tray became a town of an ordered crowd,
Elimination of the animal made them proud.

The sun rose, sat and drowned,
The days went by without a sound.

But somewhere the grand old people were sad like a chalk,
The four legged was no more there to accompany them for their morning walk.

The cats missed their gangly and handsome dogs,
Now they had to flirt with the timid mice and the fat frogs.

The cocks became tired of the whole responsibility of waking the town,
Earlier the bark was enough to wake the people in their gown.

The children had no one to throw the bones and balls at,
Instead of dogs, on their fathers the toddlers sat.

The only vet in the town got bored of treating birds and cats,
He missed the body of fleas, mud and the dirty pats.

The absence of barks made the streets a grave,
No need of running away from the bites made people forget of how to be brave.

The paw marks and squeals of the puppies,
The only music to the ears was the sound of the keys.

There were no more disturbances for the nerds studying at night,
Now they realised how much they enjoyed watching a dog fight.

No more dug grounds, no more treasure around,
It was so monotonous for the teens without the dogs around.

No more shit waiting on the door for the people in the morning,
The morning tea was so tasteless without that sight which was so frustrating.

The poet of Tray lost all his inspiration without the animal,
Without the hairy back, the hanging tongue, life was so dull.

Infants cried out for the wet licks,
Missing the dogs gave them hics.

Tray became a town of a chaotic group,
Absence of the animal made them a deflated troop.

Everyone assembled and asked the mayor to have the dogs back,
The mayor agreed and called for his servant pack.

The servants stood in front of him in a single set,
Not knowing about the task, they were going to get.

“Get the dogs”, pronounced the mayor,
“We killed all of them, so there are none left here”

And thus the sun rose, sat and drowned,
And the days went by without a sound.