Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just call...

They tell me that they softly caress the forehead and close the eyes. They tell me that they kiss them on their lips and let them sleep. The girl sleeps and then the guy goes away with her fragrance trailing behind him.
I can't really do all this, so I call. I wake up for the whole night and call her, even if she is asleep and doesn't pick it. I still keep her calling, always pushing the redial button. I don't jump walls and bruise myself on blunt edges, I just switch off the lights of my room, lie down on my bed and call her. I don't knock on windows, I just smile at the 'connecting' update on my cell. I don't wait for her to open the window, I just wait and hope for her to pick up the call. I don't spend the whole night whispering into her ears, but whispering to myself the things I will say to her when she will pick up the call. I don't feel her eyebrows brushing my face, just my cell crushing my cheeks. I don't see her lying in her gown, just imagine her sleeping with her pillow in her arms. I don't fear her parents coming to her room, I just fear my parents coming to my room.
I hope she keeps sleeping with that face of hers twisted in a sweet smile. Even if I hate disturbing her, I still hope that she may pick up my call and talk to me with that sleepy voice of hers with a tinge of love in it which makes me feel so good. I spend my owl hours just trying to talk to her but still hoping not to wake her up.
As the sun rises, I sadly keep the cell besides me and putting my arms behind my head, I try to sleep only to find that sleep has abandoned me. I wonder if my love is timid in front of those who jump the walls. I guess I don't know. I guess love is trying to put a smile on the face of the person you love. Be it by jumping walls and surprising her or by astonishing her by giving hundreds of missed calls in a single night...

P.S. - The above post doesn't tells my current heart situation, it is a year old situation... just written now.