Saturday, July 28, 2007

wEll gals aNd gUys tOdAy aT mA dEsk in tHe skOOl I wroTe a disaster

wEll today in ma enGlish period in da skool i felt like dozing off but i stood ma ground and wrote a disaster or in simple language enGlish 'A POEM'. it's about a gangster who realises his gunny mistakes. It goes like dis

It seems I am scattered all over again
can't think of my vainI am full of love and hateful pain
What could I do, my heart, my vain
Let me leave this world in acidic rain
For my friends don't know I am in so much shame
I still remember her pretty face
To kill her I wanted to race
She was so pale, so frail
But I wanted the cash so I went to nail
When she saw me with her justful eyes
I realised that I was miles back in the world and in the tail
I have learnt never to love anyone
But in her face I saw something for everyone
I tried to hate her from my bloodshot eyes
But really in vain were all my tries
I started loving her from my blackened heart
I really wanted to be one of her part
Something in my brain told me to kill her.
And inside my heart I will always be a gangster.

wELl no ending for this poem till now you can give some suggestions

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

rEallY sKool teAcherS sHud cHanGe thEir AttituDe

yOu know what guys skool teachers now have become very partial. Don't know what they think of themselves. Judging a child by his percentage. Is it the right thing to do I don't think so. I think teachers should be considerate of every need of a child. A 90% doesn't means the best guy of the class.Of course it's not the mistake of the guy who gets 90%. I think we should try to do something. We should start to hate such partial teachers.
So boyz and galz what do you think we should do???? Well to tell you wat many of ma friends are 90 percentier so don't wanna offend dem.

Wanna become a pirate!!!

From the day I have heard about Bermuda Triangle, I heck wanna become a pirate. Really rolling over the seas will be me Puneet. With a dirty pirate cap on I will try to rule the world. Hope you help me become a pirate or I will attack u first. Sometimes I think I think I should run away from India because there is no scope for budding pirates like me here.