Wednesday, July 25, 2007

rEallY sKool teAcherS sHud cHanGe thEir AttituDe

yOu know what guys skool teachers now have become very partial. Don't know what they think of themselves. Judging a child by his percentage. Is it the right thing to do I don't think so. I think teachers should be considerate of every need of a child. A 90% doesn't means the best guy of the class.Of course it's not the mistake of the guy who gets 90%. I think we should try to do something. We should start to hate such partial teachers.
So boyz and galz what do you think we should do???? Well to tell you wat many of ma friends are 90 percentier so don't wanna offend dem.

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Anonymous said...

why don't u publish dis in d news paper. might be few teachers read it n realy change demselves