Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry New Year n' Happy Christmas!!!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hope you enjoy both the occasions with your family. Have lots of happy times and yeah don't forget to think, think and think.
My new year resolution is to update my blog on most of the days.
But I will publish my next post at 15 January. And I will try to publish as many as 10 blogs in January. But no blogs in February and March as boards are there to eat my head. After March I am wholly yours.
So again a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.
Only yours,
pUns the blogger.

Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way,
puneet the blogger will come after the boards re...

Tell her

The smell inside a hospital is always intolerable, and more so when one doesn't knows why he is actually there. I was having supper when my cell-phone rang. Cell phones must have a feature of not receiving calls during dinner.
"May I speak to Mr.Jim?" a thin female voice asked. It was an anxious voice.
"Mr. Jim, can you please come to the 5th avenue hospital. It may sound insane but I have got no reason for which you should come. I am just asked to call you here urgently." now the tension grew in her voice, she sounded like an employee, but an inexperienced one.
"But" I tried to argue.
"It's urgent. So please come." it was a desperate voice now.
"Is it concerned with any of my realtives or my parents."
"Sir, I told you. I don't know the reason. I am just asked to call you as soon as possible." She hung up. I think she knew that I would obviously come.

Now sitting here in the lobby of the hospital, I am utterly confused.
"Are you Mr.Jim?" that same thin voice asked from my back. I turned around and saw the destroyer of my supper. She was a nurse in her mid-20s.
"Now I know the reason, so can you please come after me" she said. Now I was totally confused. I started walking behind her, but still a dread swept through my head.
This time I didn't ask for the reason but just walked behind her. She turned to the coma chamber of the hospital. The hospital wasn't crowded at that time.
In the coma chamber hall, she pointed towards room no.7.
"You won't come."
She shook her head.
"So I should go alone"
She nodded.
I walked slowly as if I was going to see some type of a monster in that room.
I pushed the door staring at the white floor, and when I looked up I saw a man of my same age but I wasn't able to recognise him.
He was looking really weak as if nearing his death, his bones of face were evident, and there was very little flesh remaining on his face.
I had seen him somewhere.
"I knew you would come, Jim. You always trust other people's words and come to help." he was speaking with a effort, but I knew this voice.
I knew this voice very well. I wasn't able to beleive Ian in such a pitiable condition. That handsome shaven face, most logical person of our management training, that lean and athletic body. I met him two years before. We were good friends but never great friends.
But I still remember that day when only I stood up for him against a very rich bully in our second year. The bully threatened to thrash him, and he was in process to do that in front of the students, when I came to his rescue. Ian was strong at that but still the bully had much more flesh in his arms. I knew it would be humilating for him to get beaten in front of all the students. I felt that for him, and saved him from a beating that day. I just supported him by distracting the bully.
I just remember a sentence he said to me that day "A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out." It wasn't a big deal for me to help him, but only the small things that make a big deal.
"What has happened to you Ian, can't beleive you are in such a bad condition. At first I wasn't able to recognize you man!" I said in a small voice. I was just terrified to see him in such a condition, what can possibly happen to this tall hunk?
"Cancer" that voice was strong but horrifying, I had only heard that voice when my family doctor diagnosed my brother of severe mental disability. It had a touch of courage.
"What?" nothing more than that came from my mouth, i was just not able to speak for a few seconds. After a few seconds he broke the silence.
"Hey don't be so silent, you know I hate silence. If you will react so silently, how will she react." he told me, but now why did he have to talk about Kate, I know he loved her like anything. For him Kate was the ultimate aim. Kate was a fellow student in our management course. She was pretty and the most kind hearted person I ever met. I never really talked to her like a friend, but it was like that with me with most of the female fellows.
"Who Kate?" I asked even when I knew.
"Yes, I called you here so that I can tell you something which you will tell her after I die. I have not much time left and not much energy also. The chemotherapy has drained me of my life." he said again in that terrying and strong voice.
"Don't say that Ian, you are the liveliest person I have ever seen." I retorted.
"But now this cancer is draining me of life. We are lively till we beleive. Life plays games with us and we sometimes have to react strongly to the life's moves in the game." he told me in a familiar teacher voice. He is a teacher, Ian is.
"Leave it, what do you want me to tell Kate?" I really wanted to know this.
"Tell her that it was I who always kept chocolates at her desk in our university." I knew Kate just loved chocolates.
"Tell her it was I who sent those mysterious notes of Trans-cycle management in our first year." now those notes were a decidor for most of our grades.
"Tell her It was me who always wrote poems for her and kept them in her duffel bag."
"Tell her it was me who gifted her that notebook in which I wrote what I felt about her." I still remember Ian writing that notebook with different pens. But when he kept that notebook in Kate's bag, he didn't write his name.
"Tell her that I always dream of her when I sleep." he choked when he said this, he started again.
"Tell her it was me who fought with those bullies for her." Ian broke fingers in that fight, so that Kate could live in peace.
"Tell her that I lost the speech competition intentionally only to see her smiling." that day was mysterious because even after losing the speech competition Ian was very happy. Now I know why.
"Tell her that I cried the whole night after we passed out from the management course."
"Tell her that everytime she smiled, I lived a life."
"Tell her that I like it when she makes that confusing face. I just love that expression of her." his voice was deteorating, but I didn't stop him from saying what he wanted to say all these years.
"Tell her that it was I who explained her parents of allowing her to work in the Rockies' Department Store." her parents were against her of joining such a bad occupation but Kate wanted some experience.
"Tell her she is the most pretty girl in this world, and that it was I who sent her the cosmetic products which she liked so much."
"Tell her that I sent her the romantic novels which she liked so much."
"Tell her it was me who lent a kidney to his brother, because I wasn't able to see her so sad and depressed."
"What the hell, you lent Whitley your kidney. Ian do you know that a single kidney is one of the most key-factors of cancer." I said after a long time, well I shouted in reality. But how can he risk his life.
"Tell her that the last word of my life was" his voice trailed.
"First answer me Ian, how can you risk your life? How can you?" i was trembling.
"Kate..." he stopped and his life ended. I shook my body to close his eyes, then I realised that I had been standing during the whole time we talked. He died, Ian Strieber died that January night. I just wasn't able to take it through my throat. But I wasn't crying for him, I don't know but I felt like laughing out loud. Yeah it was true grief, I loved Ian for that moment the greatest. I had heard many times 'Love kills' but now understood it somehow. For her brother, he died. For the sake of dying, he died. For love, he died...

Next day I called Kate and asked her for a drink in Broncho's Cafe. I didn't tell her about the death of Ian, but I knew what Ian wanted me to tell her.
"So after a long time we are meeting." she came from behind where I was sitting. She looked as if she had used one of the cosmetic sets Ian gifted her. She was pretty. And her eyes were the best.
"So anything special or something else." she was always straight forward.
"I just want to tell you something. Ian loved you and he died last night. If you don't beleive me just read this page in which it's written what he never wanted you to know." I choked as I finished the last sentence, it was the first time after Ian's death that tears flowed on my face. I looked towards Kate. She took the page and stood up, she didn't even say bye. She was crying, I saw that. I never saw or heard from her after that day.
Even after so many years I still wonder why did Ian choose me to tell everything to Kate. But then it's the small things that make a big deal.

Täke the Ầnimắl out of you

We all have a beast inside us, a rage which when unleashed can do wonders or throw thunders. A beast which not many people try to take out of their souls. This beast is nothing but anger, rage, agitation which we get from the many wrong things which are done to us. We are cheated, beaten. People stress us emotionally, we live in depression. We try to forgive the people who do this to us. But each time we are cheated or beaten or betrayed, an animal takes form inside us. Just try to recall the last time you were betrayed or cheated, you will find that before thinking of forgiving that person, first you must have thought of tearing that person out. It's a natural feeling, a feeling which starts growing from the first time we are betrayed. Not many of us do anything else except forgiving that person. We don't take out our frustrations, that frustrations starts growing like a tumour in our body and more betrayals feed it regularly. Just try recalling many incidents in which your heart was hurt because of someone else, I am sure you will feel like throwing all the things out of the room in which you are sitting.

Most of us have learnt to tame this feeling, we have packed this feeling inside many of the corners of our brain. And when this animal of bad feelings is unleashed, it really destroys many lives. If it is unleashed you will have no control over your mind, you will just think of destroying everything. It will destroy your mind (remember the girls in the movies who don't get their love, see the way they become mad, those maddening eyes, those pitiful hair) you lose yourself like anything. But if we are a very balanced person in our minds, we can turn this energy, animal in our favour. For this we have to think about all our betrayers and then just vow to show them our worth, to show them that what they did to us was wrong. To do the hell with them, we vow or owe die. It's our life, how dare they make us an animal.

We live in a society, a society in which respects only a mannered person is respected, but we should never be afraid to show our true self. Our true self. My true self. Just throw out your frustrations, don't be afraid. If you won't at that moment itself, then you will have only two choices to make - to die or to vow and i tell you the latter one is amazing but very difficult.

So it's your choice you unleash your animal at that moment of betrayal or be a society person.

Your choice.

What do you think we should do - unleash the animal at that moment or wait and die a coward's death???

Live the moments in which you really live!!!

'Don't waste your time. Go and study'

Just think if you are playing with your pen, reading the most idiotic novel of the century, watching a dog licking his beloved bone from the balcony.
Are you wasting your time???

Well if you think that by doing some things you are wasting your time, then you are wrong. Utterly wrong...

Yeah everything you do, it's not waste. It's like living a life in itself. Living for the something you are doing. Nothing in this world done is waste of time. Even when you play with a pen, you train your fingers to catch something fast, you quicken the response of your brain. Even when you betray your friend, you come to know of the consequences of betraying a friend (now, don't get emotional and start betraying your friends). When you do something it trains your brains. It teaches your brain to respond to specific thing. It can be good or bad, but always remember " EVERYTHING IN LIFE DONE IS NEVER WASTE"

It's an experience to the brain.

It is just that our society gives importance to very less things. But that doesn't means that other things are waste of time. Even when you are lying on your bed and gazing on the floor and thinking, you are doing something worthwhile. Just don't be too affected by what others say. Do what you like the most, just do it...

Be your own king and never think of anything as a waste of time...

If you disagree with me, then tell me...

Happy = Sad it's nothing but neutral

The only law this world follows is equilibrium!!!

Yeah the equation and the quotation is quite correct, this world is in equilibrium. Just imagine you achieve something, you are happy. But someone else is sad, just sitting out on his porch he is sad and even crying. Your degree of happiness is equal to the degree of his sadness. And deep in your heart you are also sad for that person.
Even if you deserve that achievement, you are still sitting on your couch and thinking why didn't that person deserved the achievement. Why? Why you?
And that's it. You are there sad, and after reading this if you think, "Why the hell should I care about that other person" then you will get sad by thinking that how did you become so ignorant towards other people.
And when you are sad, you try to overcome that sadness by doing something that will make you happy. In our life we always curb for balance, for equilibrium. We want to live a very balanced life. Our happines is our sadness. Our doom is our life.
Even this universe follows, just see the atoms. The electrons and protons are like happiness and sadness (you see they keep changing or transferring) but the neutrons are always constant in an atom. You can't change the number of neutrons in an atom.
So what do you think.

Is h@ppiness = s@dness???

What say???

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

tHose tHree hOurs of eXaMination !!!

As I enter the school, I see many boys with heads drowned in the books, these are those boys who haven't studied for the whole session(I know this because I am also one of them), these boys aren't revising but reading things they haven't read ever before.Some boys are happily chatting with their friends, and surprisingly all the toppers aren't revising but just standing alone in between swarms of students. They aren't talking to anyone in the fear that they will lose their concentration and as a result their carefully mugged up crap!!!

But in reality noone is really able to study and the most frequently asked question is not related to the subject of the exam but,"Hey tere studies to complete ho gaye hogi" and the boy responds in a very sweet voice,"Arre ham padte hi kahan hain."

Then the teachers start screaming,"Keep your books inside the bag." But only teacher fearing students keep their books in the bags and the others hide them in well-planned places on their bodies. The prayer starts, instead of saying the lyrics of the prayer the boys start asking questions related to the chapter of the subject to the boy in front of him, but their voice is mostly drowned in the chorus of the prayer.

Students start lining up in front of the respective classes. And as their materials for the examination comes out of their boys, the teachers start coming to their assigned classes and then & there itself many of the boys come to know about their results without even facing the examination(you see if the teacher is strict then cheating is impossible, and if the teacher is lenient, then even a failure will get 60% marks)

Enter the class, we take our seats after going to check out the saets of other friends(it's not really checking out but last time revisions, and the thing here is that the last thing we ask our friends is the thing we best remember!!!). Question papers are distributed, and as soon each boy gets the question paper, he sees the boy in the next row and makes a very sympathetic face, as if the answers to those questions will cost his life.

tRnngg... tRnngg... tRnngg...

The bell rings for the exam. We scribble our names on the answer sheet and then forget to fill the set of the question paper, and when the teacher asks the boy in the front bench to fill the SET of the question paper that we remember to fill it. After scribbling the name, the first hour starts. For the last minute studying students, it is an hour mainly to yawn. They do very less of their paper. Some even put their heads on the desk and then write. For the toppers, it's an hour to complete the paper as much as they can(they know the crap na, we don't!!!). In the first I always try to concentrate hard, and mostly I am successful but a sneak here and there is irrestitable(these sneaks are not meant for cheating but to see how much have the others competed!!!).

tRnngg... tRnngg... tRnngg...
The bell rings for the second hour...

This hour is alloted for the students to go to the toilet. But in reality only the non-studying students go to the toilet(right guess-for asking answers from the students of other classes, but as both students ask questions they don't know in the toilet, both of them end up only in knowing each other's questions). Every time a boy asks to go out for toilet, I look up to see who the student is. And another thing here is that many students come back to other classes instead of their own and that is the only time in the examination that we laugh. In the second hour my thoughts mostly drift to the can be days after the examination ends, my girlfriend, to the girls I have a crush on. It's a funny hour, it's the most lovable hour in the examination. In this hour mostly all the boys start to understand the gravity of an exam, and they scribble hard. But I scribble very moodily and I ponder over the questions but mostly I end up pondering over girls.

tRnngg... tRnngg... tRnngg...
The bell rings for the third hour...

As soon as the bell rings, most of the boys wake up from their question papers as if they have waken up from a dream. Their are voices,"Oh shit". This hour is alloted for meaningless scribbling, no thinking(because their is no time to). In this hour I wake up and write incomplete answers. If a senior boy is sitting besides me in the exam, I ask him the questions but not many of them are able to answer what they had learnt earlier(even I am not able to answer if a junior asks me!!!). Boys ask,"What's the time ma'am) at regular intervals to the teachers. The hilarious thing is that they ask time so often that I am able to predict the time myself( but then as I said there is no time to think). All are tense and they sneak in each other's papers(this time not to see how much they have done but to see how much they can do in their paper). Extra sheets are taken and the teacher is not able to go so many areas at the same time, so here the students cheat at the back of the teachers.

The warning bell rings

All scribble the last minute answers. They check out their papers(to see if there is something correct written in it, i mean wrong in it).

tRnngg... tRnngg... tRnngg...
The bell rings. Exam finished. Terror gone. We are aLive. Yo but no.

"Shit, very bad paper. How was yours?" Most boys say this.
"O.K, very O.K but i am sad that i lost one mark in the grammar section" Toppers say this and the answer to this,"Really i think i gained only one mark in the paper".

We discuss the question papers and make sarcastic remarks about the teachers who have made the papers. Most of the boys are overjoyed not because their paper was O.K but because another hurdle is gone. After exams freedom.We go outside the hall and take our bags. Out to our homes for the preparation of the next examination.

People say," Examinations are very important". But for me the time before and after the examination is very important.

Examinations need patience and I never had it. I have lost my patience, I have lost my winning ways in the examination. I am lost in this ocean of life and in the galaxy of death.

What do you say?
What are examinations for you and how do you really pass your time in the examinations.
Tell me. Please...
If something is missing from my sweet account of an examination, please tell me...

And yeah hats off to all the cheaters in the examination. It requires much more courage to cheat than to mug up silly crap.

fRiends bUt no lOve

Yesterday when I was reading a newspaper, I read that when a boy and girl become friends, they mostly end up loving each other, so I have written a stupid poem for it.

Hey my dear sweet friend
let us break this trend
of falling in love
like a sweet dove
We will talk endlessly
walk over the seas carelessly
You have a knack of getting into trouble
so after solving it we'll play rubble
I always see you through the corner of my eyes
but i know that on friendship there's no price
hope you understand me the best
and our friendship will take care of the rest
I will wipe your tears
and then say cheers
Always be happy
but don't be too creepy
Never be sad
for it is very bad
I can't see you disheartened
because my heart gets shortened
We will be great friends
but let's pledge we will never fall in love
hope when i die you'll be at my side
accepting my death in your stride
i love you my friend
i love you
but then
let us break this trend
of falling in love
like a sweet dove...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

sΉe is mŶ bEst fRieNd dAyd

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

i hAve a fRiend whO taught me how to enjoy life and as yoU knOw friends aRe special, sHe is tHe moSt speCial friEnd I have. sHe is mY bEst frIend i havE chOsen a nickname for hEr frOm hEr nicKnAme. tHe nIckname iS dAyd. I havE wriTten a poem fOr heR. hOpe you lIke it dAyd.

She is my best friend
From end to end
When I chat with her
I am filled with laughter
She is so innocent
But also very eminent
She loves music

and knows many tricks
She is a great prankster
But I am also a gangster
She is a sweetheart
Just like a pumpkin tart
She is a scholli
And also a folly
She is the best girl in her town
And looks like a clown
She is a beautiful scarlett
And loves chocolates
You are my best friend dayd
You are
I am afraid I will lose you
But U should know you will never lose me
I love you dayd like anything
Because you are my bEst friend
From end to end…

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i Will lOse heR i am... dEad

"I lOve yOu" - Boy

"I tOO" - Girl

aNd froM here starts the dread in the minds of the loVers thAt one mistake in his/her behaviour can be disasterous. We fear that we will lose our lover. I too loved a girl and instead of enjoying the moment I was in this fear that I will lose her, and due to this I nearly lost her. Yeah whatever we do, it is a constant feeling of dread... Your heart skips whenever she/he is angry. You die many times when you are in love... But then it's worth it also. And in most of the cases, you lose your love due to your love. It's a very pathetic(this word is dedicated to my best friend) feeling. You just like to sink. You start thinking how can you lose her. It's bad, but I think it's a trauma through which everyone goes. But we have to come out of it. Or we will be lost in the sea of dread. Try to love without the dread of love.

Once my friend said"If the other person also loves you then why are you so worried"

But it isn't really like that. It is our brain that shows us the possibilities of losing him/her.

Has anyone loved without dread???

If yes then please tell me...


It hurtSSS yeAh loving huRtssss

yOu love someone, you care for that person, you protect that person. bUT in the night when you go to sleep you are guilty and you are hurt. You know that you are literally cheating that person by loving him/her.
We have got many secrets in life which we can't tell to anyone. We can't even bear to think about those secrets and when you keep these secrets from your love, you feel guilty. You know that you are cheating a person who can give his/her life for you. But then this is life. You won't agree with me but in your heart you never really want to love. Never. Never. Even the hardest heart knows that it will be cheating someone by simply loving that someone.

That's why I don't agree with Chuck Spezzano whose book says
" If it hurts then it isn't love "

With whom do you agree Chuck or me.
Just tell!!!

wHy dO wE lOveee??? why?????

"I am in love"

Cool if you are in love, then enjoy alone and suffer alone. We see so many break-ups and all that in this small world of ours, our friends' break-ups. But still we go looking for love. Love is not a very complex thing as people say. For me it's just a state in which we are a bit of drunkard and think about a complex organic body again and again. We don't have control on our thoughts. And after all if going by the figures a staggering 97% homo sapiens are never able to get their true love. Do we love to get rejected and even if we get our love don't get me wrong but most of us aren't satisfied from a single love. We need more love. That's it, we look out for love for the whole life. During love, we become stagnant type humans. There is no progress in that period of our lives. People say love is life and finding love is the greatest challenge. I say remaining away from love is the biggest challenge in our life. Why spend your time in impressing your love. I can be wrong. But you can say that we lose more than we gain in love.

What say???

And then why do we cry in loVe??? Why???

I bet that not many people would even think of crying before falling in love...
But then we are humans, we can never learn from other's mistakes

Once I also fell in love...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

wE laUgh when we cRy!!!

A pErson is normal enough until He stArts cryiNg serIously !!!

Thomas Hardy

Yeah in a sense, this is very true. Just recall when you last cried ( hInT: when your mum scolded you, when you fought with your friend or when you lost something)

I also noted this very thing, it is very stupid to think, but when we cry we just laugh at ourselves. OK to illustrate this just take this case, when you are crying you make promises to yourself and then you just start to laugh at yourself or to the person who makes you cry. Your brain laughs at you. You don't want to laugh but in your heartyou feel an elation. Your insides start churning when you cry and you are laughing at that moment from inside. It's like that your heart is crying and your brain is laughing at your heart's stupidity. I don't think it is happiness, but it is a more of a mock laughter. Just try to find out from your experiences what it can be.

And the last thing, you are very ashamed when you are feeling that elation in your body...

Got any ideas what it is???

Saturday, July 28, 2007

wEll gals aNd gUys tOdAy aT mA dEsk in tHe skOOl I wroTe a disaster

wEll today in ma enGlish period in da skool i felt like dozing off but i stood ma ground and wrote a disaster or in simple language enGlish 'A POEM'. it's about a gangster who realises his gunny mistakes. It goes like dis

It seems I am scattered all over again
can't think of my vainI am full of love and hateful pain
What could I do, my heart, my vain
Let me leave this world in acidic rain
For my friends don't know I am in so much shame
I still remember her pretty face
To kill her I wanted to race
She was so pale, so frail
But I wanted the cash so I went to nail
When she saw me with her justful eyes
I realised that I was miles back in the world and in the tail
I have learnt never to love anyone
But in her face I saw something for everyone
I tried to hate her from my bloodshot eyes
But really in vain were all my tries
I started loving her from my blackened heart
I really wanted to be one of her part
Something in my brain told me to kill her.
And inside my heart I will always be a gangster.

wELl no ending for this poem till now you can give some suggestions

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

rEallY sKool teAcherS sHud cHanGe thEir AttituDe

yOu know what guys skool teachers now have become very partial. Don't know what they think of themselves. Judging a child by his percentage. Is it the right thing to do I don't think so. I think teachers should be considerate of every need of a child. A 90% doesn't means the best guy of the class.Of course it's not the mistake of the guy who gets 90%. I think we should try to do something. We should start to hate such partial teachers.
So boyz and galz what do you think we should do???? Well to tell you wat many of ma friends are 90 percentier so don't wanna offend dem.

Wanna become a pirate!!!

From the day I have heard about Bermuda Triangle, I heck wanna become a pirate. Really rolling over the seas will be me Puneet. With a dirty pirate cap on I will try to rule the world. Hope you help me become a pirate or I will attack u first. Sometimes I think I think I should run away from India because there is no scope for budding pirates like me here.