Tuesday, November 13, 2007

wE laUgh when we cRy!!!

A pErson is normal enough until He stArts cryiNg serIously !!!

Thomas Hardy

Yeah in a sense, this is very true. Just recall when you last cried ( hInT: when your mum scolded you, when you fought with your friend or when you lost something)

I also noted this very thing, it is very stupid to think, but when we cry we just laugh at ourselves. OK to illustrate this just take this case, when you are crying you make promises to yourself and then you just start to laugh at yourself or to the person who makes you cry. Your brain laughs at you. You don't want to laugh but in your heartyou feel an elation. Your insides start churning when you cry and you are laughing at that moment from inside. It's like that your heart is crying and your brain is laughing at your heart's stupidity. I don't think it is happiness, but it is a more of a mock laughter. Just try to find out from your experiences what it can be.

And the last thing, you are very ashamed when you are feeling that elation in your body...

Got any ideas what it is???

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