Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i Will lOse heR i am... dEad

"I lOve yOu" - Boy

"I tOO" - Girl

aNd froM here starts the dread in the minds of the loVers thAt one mistake in his/her behaviour can be disasterous. We fear that we will lose our lover. I too loved a girl and instead of enjoying the moment I was in this fear that I will lose her, and due to this I nearly lost her. Yeah whatever we do, it is a constant feeling of dread... Your heart skips whenever she/he is angry. You die many times when you are in love... But then it's worth it also. And in most of the cases, you lose your love due to your love. It's a very pathetic(this word is dedicated to my best friend) feeling. You just like to sink. You start thinking how can you lose her. It's bad, but I think it's a trauma through which everyone goes. But we have to come out of it. Or we will be lost in the sea of dread. Try to love without the dread of love.

Once my friend said"If the other person also loves you then why are you so worried"

But it isn't really like that. It is our brain that shows us the possibilities of losing him/her.

Has anyone loved without dread???

If yes then please tell me...


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Sanghmitra Singh said...

You sure do seem to know A LOT about love, don't you Mr.?