Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's oVer

It comes to an end. Not really an end but yes a stoppage. Today I stop writing on my blog for two years. I failed in my life because at last I had succumb under the pressure of my making my career. My damned life. These two years will be the most vigorous till now. Just two things to do-study and survive.
But it was always a great feeling when writing for my blog. I will always miss it. The black page opening slowly on my browser due to the slow internet connection. But there was an excitement in itself to lt it unlock slowly. It always felt like an achievement when I used to complete a post for the blog and when I used to get a comment. I will miss it and I promise I will strike back after two years. I will miss you all my readers. I discovered myself through this blog and through you. Thanx to all. Till then you fill your apetite by reading my older posts only and if possible then a comment will be good. I leave this blog at 591 profile views. Bye I will miss this very much. :(
Last thing I will say
When I really started to live, I had to die...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rehab my foot

Ways to reduce stress in board examination.
Tips to fight the board examination fear.
Useful tips by toppers to form a good mindset for the board examination.

These were the headlines I read 2 days before giving my first board exam. I don't know but these people really make a hell of board examination. Stress, I never heard of this thing before the tenth examination and now that I have heard I am still not feeling any heat or something. I am cool about the board examination, and people talk about it as it is some type of war. They hype it like anything and even the students who don't even know the meaning of stupid words like tension, fear, stress become stressed.
Can't we give the board examination like any other normal examination. I haven't felt anything like stress till now and I bet I won't feel any stress for the rest of the remaining examination days. And you know what my mother was telling me, " Puneet, don't feel the pressure. Just relax."
And I said, "You too, mum."
I am giving the examination and I tell you there is no damned pressure. Just chilling reminders in the mind. Come on, if we start feeling the pressure at such a young stage, how will we survive when we will get married (I mean then there will board examination everyday in the marriage).
Live to the best in the board year, do all your heart desires and give the boards in a cool mood.
We don't need rehab or councelling.

Like Amy Winehouse mumbled,
"They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no."

Forgive Myself

From the last 7 years in this prison, I have been wondering that why don't cells have transparent walls. Not that I want the world to watch me, but instead I want to watch the world and feel it's love in my soul. Noone ever loved me, I think that's because I am too good to be loved or because I love others so much that they don't feel the need to give it back to me. You see we only love people when we feel that they won't pay attention to us unless loved by us and if someone pays attention to us without our love then we take that person for granted. In this cell number 12 I have spent 7 years of my life and I think I am going to spend the rest of my life here only. You see I am granted a life sentence for killing my best friend Jon.

I remember the day I got my first assignment success in my newly joined Multinational. I was feeling very elated and I wanted to gift my wife a necklace on the occasion. My boss gave an early leave that day. I went to Sotter's Jewellary shop and bought an expensive necklace for my wife, Kelly. I threw away the price tag because Kelly doesn't likes to spend so much money on such things. She is my queen, she is. I just can't spend more than a day without seeing her. I took the necklace and hurried off to home.
As soon I turned in our street, I saw Jon's bike parked in my garage. Now I was overjoyed, I would give my success news not only to my wife but also to my best friend. How happy he will become, I know that. He will punch me on my back and pointing towards his heart he will say,"You are right there"
I parked my car. I was going to ring the bell to my house when I remembered that I had left the back door in the morning. I wanted to surprise Kelly, so I turned towards the back of the house. On reaching the back door, it was still open. I pushed it gently so that Kelly won't hear me coming.
I was just gulping up happiness on imagining the good reaction of my best friend and my wife. The best news of my adult life till now will be shared with the most loved people of my life.
I reached the living room but there was noone in there. I heard some noise coming from my bedroom. The door to my room was closed. I pushed it open and the scene which I saw is the one I never wanted to remember but still whenever I go to sleep I see it. It's like a negative of a black and white photograph embedded in my brain.
My best friend was sleeping with my wife on my favourite sheet and in my favourite blanket. Just in front of me were Kelly's clothes spread on the floor. And she was there in my best friend's arms.
"Dave" she barely managed to say as she saw me. She was shocked to see me.
"What?" Jon said as he released Kelly from his arms.
"I got this for you Kelly" I kept the necklace box on her clothes on the floor.
My best friend turned to face me, you see he was faced towards Kelly. As he saw me he opened his mouth and then closed it. I think he didn't have anything to say.
"Listen Dave, please don't do someth..." I didn't allow Kelly to complete her sentence as I closed the door. It was the first time in my life that I didn't let her complete her sentence. She thought I would do something insane.
"I won't do anything" I shouted as I collapsed on my sofa. I choked as I tried to drink the glass of water kept on the table in front of me. I wasn't able to swallow what I saw. I wanted to run away, I didn't want to shoot or beat or kill any one of them. But I just wanted to run away. Somewhere far away.
I think I was just crying when I heard the back door getting closed, I turned and saw Kelly back in her clothes. She sat in front of me.
"Dave." she said softly, she was sobbing.
"I just want to ask one thing, did I love you less" I asked her, still without an eye-contact with her.
"I am terribly sorry, and you never loved me less. I was just no..." I cut her sentence second time in my life.
"Ok, don't say anything more." I stood up and went to my study.
I sat on my father's rocking chair. I thought, I thought and I thought. Instead of feeling enraged or anything, I found that it was my mistake. I never gave Kelly any time in which we would talk. I always talked about my work and my office. She must really be feeling lonely and as an adult she must be looking for love. She has got her own needs. I didn't give her time. But something inside told me that it was her mistake, but still I brushed off the thought. I loved her and I had invested so much of my heart in her that I won't be able to live without her. She was just another part of my heart and a whole of my soul.
As for my best friend Jon, he is unmarried and must have slept with my wife only due to his irresistible lust. He is smart and gives attention to Kelly, Kelly must be automatically attracted to him. It's my mistake, if I can't give love to Kelly, I shouldn't expect loyalty from her. I won't forgive her because there is nothing to forgive about and as for my best friend, I don't know. If he will talk, I will also talk to him.
And that night I promised myself that from now on, I would love my wife very much and tend to her every need. And I would never again talk about the night.
I forgave myself for my shortcomings and that day was marked in my life for I forgave myself.
In the days that came, we didn't talk much. I tried to be as normal to her as possible. But she was quite, never really responding to me. She was that same homely wife. I also took leaves to drive her around the country-side. I knew that she always loved the country-side views. But she was never really there. I think she was too guilty of what she had done. Our relationship was not the way it was before, she was extra careful in not offending me. Her humour was gone, but I didn't want her to be like that. I wanted the college Kelly back, the Kelly whom I kissed on the lips in front of our school sweeper (We didn't know he was sweeping in the same empty classroom).
"Forget about it Kelly, just be yourself. See I have forgotten it. I met Jon today, we had coffee in the office cafeteria." I told her one day. I was lying about meeting Jon, but I would never mind a coffee with my best friend. But in reality I didn't see Jon again after that evening.
"Oh, I am sorry Dave for that. I am really sorry and yeah I am getting back to my normal self. Good you met Jon." she said in her familiar soft voice.
"And did you like the necklace I gave you?"
"Yeah it was very pretty."
"So, why haven't worn it till now."
"You gifted me on the saddest day of my life and I will wear on the happiest day of my life" she said as she stood up to go to the kitchen.

Four years went by and we were going along happily.
Then one Thursday night, when I came back to my home, I again saw Jon's bike parked in the same spot where it was parked four years ago. I was outraged at first but without making any preconceptions, I ran upto the door of my house. It was open and I entered.
As I entered the house, I heard noises from my room. Now memories were pouring back. But wait someone was weeping in the room, these weren't noises but someone was really weeping.
This time the door was open unlike the last time four years ago. I entered the room and again I saw a scene which I won't forget for the rest of my life. Kelly was sitting at the corner of the room with my gun besides her. And Jon was lying just in front of me. He was dead, and I could see that there were two shots in his chest. I felt pity for my best friend. There was blood across the room floor. It was his blood. Tears flowed on my face, I loved him very much. And in my mind I told him "You are right there Jon."
"He tried to k..." Kelly didn't finish the sentence, she was crying very hard.
"Listen, go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water." I didn't want to hear the reason, I just didn't want to hate anyone of them.
"Dave, he..." I cut her sentence the third time in my life.
"I don't want to hear the reason. I will do what I can." I didn't want to understand the situation, I just wanted to save my wife, my pretty wife.
I heard the police sirens after five minutes. I turned towards Kelly.
"I was afraid and in that I called the police." she said. Now this was turning a hell for me. Everything was black in my mind.
The police entered the house and sealed it.
We were standing in our garage surrounded by the police personnel. After two hours we were called inside the house.
"What happened here?" the strong burly officer asked us.
"Jon came t..." I cut Kelly's sentence for the fourth and the last time in my life.
"I killed him." I told the officer. I didn't see Kelly's face. They arrested me.
After four days my hearing took place. I confessed the charges of committing the crime, and that day Dave Weller was handed a life sentence for killing his best friend. After the judgement, I was taken out of the court and there I saw Kelly coming out of the court crowd. I wanted to see her and gulp her the last time under the sun. I loved her very much. As I watched her beautiful face, I saw something shining on her neck. She was wearing the necklace I gifted her the day I saw her having coitus with my best friend.
I still wonder about the things that happened on those two bed-room days. Funny how my adult life was defined by my bedroom floor and my bedroom sheet. Kelly never came to visit me in my cell number 12. I lost the two persons I loved the most and I think those two people lost the person they hated the most.
In the seven years I never cried, I just thought and waited for a woman called Kelly. There was nothing to regret in my life, just emptiness. I always lost in life, always. I stare at the ceiling and think what wrong I had done to Kelly that she never came.
I think I never gave them the chance to explain me the things that were happening. Why did I always think for them. Why? I don't know if they betrayed me or not, but I know that I was betrayed by my brain, by my instincts. You still wondering why I always used 'best friend' instead of saying Jon, because for me he was never the same honest Jon when he slept with my wife, he just remained my best friend. The title 'best friend' which I gave to him, sleeping with other's wife became my best friend's characteristic but not my Jon's characteristic. He slept with my wife as my best friend but never as Jon. That's why I loved Jon. I loved my wife.
I loved, loved, loved and loved but never got loved.
I forgave myself once and now again
I forgive myself for nothing...