Friday, April 4, 2008

Rehab my foot

Ways to reduce stress in board examination.
Tips to fight the board examination fear.
Useful tips by toppers to form a good mindset for the board examination.

These were the headlines I read 2 days before giving my first board exam. I don't know but these people really make a hell of board examination. Stress, I never heard of this thing before the tenth examination and now that I have heard I am still not feeling any heat or something. I am cool about the board examination, and people talk about it as it is some type of war. They hype it like anything and even the students who don't even know the meaning of stupid words like tension, fear, stress become stressed.
Can't we give the board examination like any other normal examination. I haven't felt anything like stress till now and I bet I won't feel any stress for the rest of the remaining examination days. And you know what my mother was telling me, " Puneet, don't feel the pressure. Just relax."
And I said, "You too, mum."
I am giving the examination and I tell you there is no damned pressure. Just chilling reminders in the mind. Come on, if we start feeling the pressure at such a young stage, how will we survive when we will get married (I mean then there will board examination everyday in the marriage).
Live to the best in the board year, do all your heart desires and give the boards in a cool mood.
We don't need rehab or councelling.

Like Amy Winehouse mumbled,
"They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no."

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