Wednesday, November 21, 2007

sΉe is mŶ bEst fRieNd dAyd

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

i hAve a fRiend whO taught me how to enjoy life and as yoU knOw friends aRe special, sHe is tHe moSt speCial friEnd I have. sHe is mY bEst frIend i havE chOsen a nickname for hEr frOm hEr nicKnAme. tHe nIckname iS dAyd. I havE wriTten a poem fOr heR. hOpe you lIke it dAyd.

She is my best friend
From end to end
When I chat with her
I am filled with laughter
She is so innocent
But also very eminent
She loves music

and knows many tricks
She is a great prankster
But I am also a gangster
She is a sweetheart
Just like a pumpkin tart
She is a scholli
And also a folly
She is the best girl in her town
And looks like a clown
She is a beautiful scarlett
And loves chocolates
You are my best friend dayd
You are
I am afraid I will lose you
But U should know you will never lose me
I love you dayd like anything
Because you are my bEst friend
From end to end…

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