Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It hurtSSS yeAh loving huRtssss

yOu love someone, you care for that person, you protect that person. bUT in the night when you go to sleep you are guilty and you are hurt. You know that you are literally cheating that person by loving him/her.
We have got many secrets in life which we can't tell to anyone. We can't even bear to think about those secrets and when you keep these secrets from your love, you feel guilty. You know that you are cheating a person who can give his/her life for you. But then this is life. You won't agree with me but in your heart you never really want to love. Never. Never. Even the hardest heart knows that it will be cheating someone by simply loving that someone.

That's why I don't agree with Chuck Spezzano whose book says
" If it hurts then it isn't love "

With whom do you agree Chuck or me.
Just tell!!!

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