Wednesday, November 14, 2007

wHy dO wE lOveee??? why?????

"I am in love"

Cool if you are in love, then enjoy alone and suffer alone. We see so many break-ups and all that in this small world of ours, our friends' break-ups. But still we go looking for love. Love is not a very complex thing as people say. For me it's just a state in which we are a bit of drunkard and think about a complex organic body again and again. We don't have control on our thoughts. And after all if going by the figures a staggering 97% homo sapiens are never able to get their true love. Do we love to get rejected and even if we get our love don't get me wrong but most of us aren't satisfied from a single love. We need more love. That's it, we look out for love for the whole life. During love, we become stagnant type humans. There is no progress in that period of our lives. People say love is life and finding love is the greatest challenge. I say remaining away from love is the biggest challenge in our life. Why spend your time in impressing your love. I can be wrong. But you can say that we lose more than we gain in love.

What say???

And then why do we cry in loVe??? Why???

I bet that not many people would even think of crying before falling in love...
But then we are humans, we can never learn from other's mistakes

Once I also fell in love...

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