Saturday, July 28, 2007

wEll gals aNd gUys tOdAy aT mA dEsk in tHe skOOl I wroTe a disaster

wEll today in ma enGlish period in da skool i felt like dozing off but i stood ma ground and wrote a disaster or in simple language enGlish 'A POEM'. it's about a gangster who realises his gunny mistakes. It goes like dis

It seems I am scattered all over again
can't think of my vainI am full of love and hateful pain
What could I do, my heart, my vain
Let me leave this world in acidic rain
For my friends don't know I am in so much shame
I still remember her pretty face
To kill her I wanted to race
She was so pale, so frail
But I wanted the cash so I went to nail
When she saw me with her justful eyes
I realised that I was miles back in the world and in the tail
I have learnt never to love anyone
But in her face I saw something for everyone
I tried to hate her from my bloodshot eyes
But really in vain were all my tries
I started loving her from my blackened heart
I really wanted to be one of her part
Something in my brain told me to kill her.
And inside my heart I will always be a gangster.

wELl no ending for this poem till now you can give some suggestions


Asmi said...
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Vivian said...

Well written article.