Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy = Sad it's nothing but neutral

The only law this world follows is equilibrium!!!

Yeah the equation and the quotation is quite correct, this world is in equilibrium. Just imagine you achieve something, you are happy. But someone else is sad, just sitting out on his porch he is sad and even crying. Your degree of happiness is equal to the degree of his sadness. And deep in your heart you are also sad for that person.
Even if you deserve that achievement, you are still sitting on your couch and thinking why didn't that person deserved the achievement. Why? Why you?
And that's it. You are there sad, and after reading this if you think, "Why the hell should I care about that other person" then you will get sad by thinking that how did you become so ignorant towards other people.
And when you are sad, you try to overcome that sadness by doing something that will make you happy. In our life we always curb for balance, for equilibrium. We want to live a very balanced life. Our happines is our sadness. Our doom is our life.
Even this universe follows, just see the atoms. The electrons and protons are like happiness and sadness (you see they keep changing or transferring) but the neutrons are always constant in an atom. You can't change the number of neutrons in an atom.
So what do you think.

Is h@ppiness = s@dness???

What say???

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