Saturday, December 29, 2007

Täke the Ầnimắl out of you

We all have a beast inside us, a rage which when unleashed can do wonders or throw thunders. A beast which not many people try to take out of their souls. This beast is nothing but anger, rage, agitation which we get from the many wrong things which are done to us. We are cheated, beaten. People stress us emotionally, we live in depression. We try to forgive the people who do this to us. But each time we are cheated or beaten or betrayed, an animal takes form inside us. Just try to recall the last time you were betrayed or cheated, you will find that before thinking of forgiving that person, first you must have thought of tearing that person out. It's a natural feeling, a feeling which starts growing from the first time we are betrayed. Not many of us do anything else except forgiving that person. We don't take out our frustrations, that frustrations starts growing like a tumour in our body and more betrayals feed it regularly. Just try recalling many incidents in which your heart was hurt because of someone else, I am sure you will feel like throwing all the things out of the room in which you are sitting.

Most of us have learnt to tame this feeling, we have packed this feeling inside many of the corners of our brain. And when this animal of bad feelings is unleashed, it really destroys many lives. If it is unleashed you will have no control over your mind, you will just think of destroying everything. It will destroy your mind (remember the girls in the movies who don't get their love, see the way they become mad, those maddening eyes, those pitiful hair) you lose yourself like anything. But if we are a very balanced person in our minds, we can turn this energy, animal in our favour. For this we have to think about all our betrayers and then just vow to show them our worth, to show them that what they did to us was wrong. To do the hell with them, we vow or owe die. It's our life, how dare they make us an animal.

We live in a society, a society in which respects only a mannered person is respected, but we should never be afraid to show our true self. Our true self. My true self. Just throw out your frustrations, don't be afraid. If you won't at that moment itself, then you will have only two choices to make - to die or to vow and i tell you the latter one is amazing but very difficult.

So it's your choice you unleash your animal at that moment of betrayal or be a society person.

Your choice.

What do you think we should do - unleash the animal at that moment or wait and die a coward's death???

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