Friday, September 4, 2009


Feels like an overturned ship blasted,
Seems like blunt stones on my head casted.

All walls look ready to go red,
With my blood I will get it fed.

I run and run in the hope of being overrun by someone,
If that doesn't happen I want to be hit by that bullet in that gun.

Scratch my skin, peel it off, get it burnt,
I want to be naked is what I have learnt.

Suffering seems like so far off the land,
Touch me, comfort me by holding my hand.

I never and don't want to die,
I want to be near it and cry.

It is not what I need or deserve,
It is what all is left in my life reserve.

The things hold no meaning for me,
Even the city seems like a vast sea.

The gates are crashing, mirrors are cracking,
I am losing, I am tired but I am not backing.

Even the most obsolete thing is able to win over me,
I can't do anything, I am a broken tree.

My friends look like enemies to my eyes,
I try hard to remember their jubilant cries.

The good memories have deserted my soul,
My vices are pushing me into a dark hole.

The urge to smile till my last breath has gone,
Kiss me away like dust in a desert and I will go on and on.

Now I need and want to die,
I need to cry and say my goodbye.


Perx said...

its awesome to read.. but i'm sorryi didn't get what it means.. poems are not my thing i guess..

Aadya. said...

It's nice to read.

But why exactly are you being so sentimental in this?

Crepuscule Colour said...

That was intense. And it sounds like a song sometimes. :)