Friday, February 15, 2008

That mOment

Everything has something special, a special moment, a special thing but yes absolutely something special. You know what, whenever i am reading a novel, after reading 10-20 pages i read directly it's last page. It is not that i want to know the ending, but just i love the last line of every novel. Because in the last line each writer gives his emotions a very big gap. We can feel the satisfaction of the mind of the writer. It feels very satisfactory to read the last line, it has a magic in itself. I think that is the reason i always remember the last line of most of the novels i read.
We also search that moment in a song, i hear a song for it's 10-15 magical seconds, in which the singer takes my mind and life to a high. But just to listen to those seconds we have to hear the whole song.
Same is with life, we live in this world for the most time just to make a platform for something special. That special thing which defines our life, that moment in which you kiss all your worries away and do something which you always wanted to. Even when you love somebody, there are some moments which you never forget (not that all other moments are waste) but still the magic of the relationship is in only those moments.
I am writing this article and my magical moment in doing this thing was when i wrote the first paragraph of this. You never search those moments, it just comes to you.
Don't live for the bad parts of your life. Don't live for this world because the world doesn't live for you. Live for that special moment and always keep forming a platform for that special moment or thing. As we see a sportsman always have a peak match and we remember him for that only (you see human mind doesn't remembers statistics of anything, it just remembers those heart feelings). Those feelings which touches the soul.

Live, live for your love, for your ambition, for your heart and always for that special moment in which you capture magic...

Good Luck...

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well...nice post...n about ur problem...well...the first to know is that...girls r NOT that they'll go n tell their mom n dad abt any guy who proposes them or you do that??? if ( juz suppose) a girl comes to you n tells you tht she has a crush on you...will u go running to ur momma n tell her tht this gal likes u huh?? i dont think anyone would...on n the second thing...a lot depends on what kind of gal she is..( the gal u r tlkin abt)..i mean if she is cool then she'll give a calm n composed reply to ur confession ( most ov the gals r cool) if not...then i cannot say..newayz..sandals r out of dont worry about being hit with a sandal...:D..cheerzz buddy....n may ur love blossom...n may that gal like you too...n may u be happy with each other...n may god bless you..n may the boards get postponed....doodlezz!!!