Tuesday, February 26, 2008

16, tElling 15

My transition period is very long for anything, and this time due to this I suffered a huge loss. Two girls (who knew when my birthday comes) asked me my age, and out of habit for a year I told them, "I am 15 years old". They said, "Oh, you are younger than us" and went to their respective directions. They never talked to me again. I was utterly confused, I mean that the girls are also in tenth standard and I am one of the eldest guys in my class (my class consists of only boys, you see it's a boys' school). I gave some thought to the matter and then hit my head with my hindi guide (you see I don't really understand the prescribed textbook). I told the girls that I am 15 years old, even when I turned 16 about a month ago. Wow! the habit of saying 15 years old cost me two friends (and that too girls, now no sick thoughts about me). The girls must be thinking me as a kiddo. Now I am remembering the song '18 till I die'' by Bryan Adams, just a funny thought. Next time a girl asks me my age, I will tell her 16 and not going to die in any way. Also remembering a Britney song 'I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman', course I can't apply this song to myself in any case (I am a boy). I will say I'm not a kid, Not yet an adult (just a teen). It takes a good time for me to get used and aware of the change.

And another thing that I am still living in the previous year. I get in the habit of writing the current year only in the month of April, till then I mostly write the previous year everywhere. Like in my pre-boards I was scolded in every exam for writing 2007 instead of 2008 in the date column. The teacher also went on to say that I don't deserve to give the board examination if I can't remember the year. Gosh! I thought the board checkers had only concern with our mugging and cramming skills.

I pray to god that next time, a girl shouldn't ask me my age but instead ask me my birth year which is 1992(thanks to god it remains constant for me, dunno bout' other people). That's why I love girls who ask me my birth year and not my age(I always end up telling myself younger).

P.S. (only for girls) - I am sixteen and living in 2008.



good one puneet! keep up the good work..i love your posts as they are so cool..doodles and all the best!


oh yes and by the way i have the habit of writing the previous year like '07 instead of '08 and also writing my last years roll number though i dont have the habit of telling the wrong age!!

Rahul said...

oh yeah..great piece of work man...sorry i really dont enjoy those poems..more posts like this are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Good one..Keep up the good work..I like it.

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