Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why do you have to go away???

Why do you have to go away?
with my heart still in a sway
When we really started to know each other
i think you mistook me as a brother
when we really started to talk
your going away is a real knock
you know what dear
your eyes are very clear
i don't know if you will remember me
please do cos' for that i don't take a fee
we never stood together like Leo and Kate
let's see what in offer does have our fate
it has been two years of wait
and now when i get you, why are going away straight
I waited for you under the sky
you never came, i won't ask why
even if you go out of this world to stay
i will remember you cos' i am not made of clay
but at least once tell me
that you love me
i know you do obviously
but i wanna hear, please that's a plea
i curse my bloody luck
everytime only my life sucks
even if you won't see me
just turn around n' i will always be free
i will never see you again
you don't know my pain
even if i don't hear you for decades
i will be standing right here under the stars battling all the blades
I Will love you forever
and never dare to forget to you ever
in my love there will be no slack
and i will always imagine you in black
Hope you live a life well lived
and never ever get stiffed
at last when i confessed my love
you are going to fly away like a dove


Anonymous said...

it sure touched my heart..could walk through your emotions.

Anonymous said...

Its a nice poem which will touch everyone hearts.

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Anonymous said...

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