Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Fairy Tale

A day started with a bag on my shoulder,
I hurried to school picking the pens from the holder.
I sat on the cycle and kicked the paddle,
with zest like sitting on a horse with a saddle.

The journey began with the ups and downs of slope,
violent velocity and a no falling hope.
The insignificant constructions zoomed by,
I knew them, so unbothered I fly.

And then started my anticipated fairy tale,
on the pavement I saw a woman very pale.
I couldn't judge her age from twenty metres,
she was standing outside a house of cheaters.

I saw and stared her till out of sight,
the sad eyes and the face so bright.
The red lipstick and the brows so black,
she sure wasn't from the mansion nor from the shack.

The distinctive saree and the naked feet,
the way she kept her hands were a watch to treat.
I surely got infatuated with the wonder,
I rode that journey with a new found thunder.

At the school, I did maths and science,
for the first time out of tens, I got nines.
There was certainly something special about that day,
I want to see that woman, to the god I pray.

My jolly nine-year old heart kicked on for hours,
I saw dreams of her, I did make towers.
Back at home, I smiled all the time,
Mom thought I was tired & slept me with a rhyme.

The next day journey, I saw her again,
she was still barefoot, and the eyes still showed pain.
I again saw and stared her out of sight,
she stole all my day and she stole all my night.

So the journey every morning changed for good,
I saw her everyday while riding, but never stood.
She was there everyday, she didn't notice me at first,
she seemed lost in her mind like quenching her thirst.

After a lot of days, she finally noticed me,
a frown on her face, like she was angry at me to see.
I didn't change routine, I still stared as I paced,
still the frown on her face didn't get replaced.

Then one auspicious journey, she gave me a weak smile,
whole day I felt bouts of joy while after while.
I was so happy, I wanted to save that smile in a glove,
my nine year old heart sure fell in pure love.

She became my fairy, she was my dame,
every day her smile was a joy and still the same.
The twenty metres between us never got less,
she was always the same beautiful, always the same dress.

Months and months passed like a dream,
she was my ecstasy, a heaven she did seem.
With the journey, I changed into a happy boy,
even at twenty metres, her smile pleased like a toy.

One day my father decided to drop me at school,
during the journey he caught me staring at her like a fool.
He saw her, and said, "Oh, that's an eunuch."
he pronounced the word like she was an ugly duck.

That day in school, I stole a dictionary from the library,
I read the meaning, it was so short and scary.
When I learnt all about it, I was shocked to death,
I cried and cried all day and got short of breath.

Thus I understood that it wasn't natural to love her anymore,
I stopped the journey with a heart broken and sour.
Bliss was so nice, bliss was so sure,
that part of my soul broke with no cure.

But even if I couldn't love her, I still smile at her thought,
the happiness, the love, the joy she brought.
She will be my fairy, she will be my fairy tale,
that person so sad, that person so pale.


Aarzoo said...
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Aarzoo said...

It's a little amusing. Parts like when you're smiling to yourself or getting 9s out of 10s. Not funny. :} Okay?

Zabi said...

It is a romantic comedy. Romance in the beginning and the comedy at the end :D

Tulika said...

Hey...puneet..Awesome stuff..I loved it...Keep writing....