Friday, July 30, 2010

A south Indian

As i write this, my hand is shivering. Maybe I am just too confused to keep it still. One month in the law university, and sentiments are back after the initial excitement and anxiety of a new place.

I reached here to find a big south indian as my room mate, and a silent south indian at that. I guess he didn't want to trust the north indian sitting in the room. The days started, and I used his laptop to chat with my friends at night. I asked him to talk, and he did with an ease which looked like he always used to talk. The legal studies on, classes on. I, the sleeper in the room was woken by him everyday at seven, after a lot of effort of course(which included messages, calls, and surely names). A four o' clock waker, I found a lot of innocent manliness in him. I did ask him a lot of questions about himself, he gave me a lot of answers about himself, the thing ended there. He used to listen to our vulgar language and used to ask the meaning. Thus our Bala is the man -

(a) who rarely speaks, but when he does beats all in humour and vulgar.
(b) the man, who when asked by seniors to call himself 'babba' (due to his big size), spoke his full name clearly, and trust me no senior was ready to force him to say babba.
(c) the guy who has been most effective in waking me up in the morning till now in my hostel life.
(d) the guy who can blush more than any girl.
(e) the guy who even with a fracture can still walk up and down the staircase ten times a day.
(f) the guy who had the guts to wear what he wanted to without submission.
(g) the student who got us all the internet safeguards, the downloads and proxies available, and saved our computer.
(h) the student with whom the whole pressure of studies amounted to nothing, and the discussions were too sharp to be slow.
(i) the roommate whose acer aspire 1 saved my relationship and destroyed one relationship (aayush's)
(j) the person who is intellectual as high as he is fat. Maybe more.
(k) the mate who cared about me, and vinaya.
(l) the boy who used to stand silently while I used to blabber about my perspective.
(m) the human being I am sure will be something very big in his life. And very means more than very.

I remember thinking this when I just sat in my new room on the first day of hostel life here - After five years, when I will leave this university, I will miss all my friends like hell. Like hell and like hell. But just after 25 days, when this guy is leaving the university, for he cleared the best law university in India, I am having the same feeling. I am shivering.

A friend of 25 days, and I know I always fall in love with south Indians.

To this south indian, from chunni (aayush) and sleepy (me), tata bye bye.

P.S. - We will miss watching you snore at 3 in the night.


Aadya. said...

You really love this guy.
Koi naa. Be in contact and be happy. He will be peaceful knowing just that :)

PS: Welcome back from the writers block.

Anonymous said...

I really love the guy who wrote this [:)] And I will miss not only him, but everyone in the hostel - both guys and girls. From one bisexual to a straight guy - I'm glad we didn't get down to that, because then it would be all the more difficult leaving.

Anonymous said...

Very touching :)

Perx said...

Good luck in the new university dude..

Welcome back.. I guess.. and here's a quote for ya:
"Don't be sad that it's ending, be happy that it happened"

Sarthak said...
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Sarthak said...

Very Nice, you obviously had a lot of fun together.
Moving on is hard to do :(

2010 said...

In recciprocation - a north indian

I arrived in NLU-Orissa to find a thin, fragile looking north Indian to be my roommate. I was apprehensive at first. My previous four years were hell and I was distrustful of people. I was over-cautious and careful. I would be myself but I had to be cautious too. This northie began to slowly put words in my mouth. He asked questions about myself and I answered them. I didn't ask questions about him, preferring to understand him by his behaviour. I learned of his best friend back home, I learned of his mannerisms, I learned that he has a kind heart behind a harsh outer appearance and I learned that he was a writer. I went through this blog that he keeps and realised that he had quit writing at least three months before I had met him, and as I left, he began writing again. Nothing was better during that one month than being at his side. We would argue over stupid things, we would laugh, he would teach me Hindi swear words and I would play Tamil songs for him, I would wake him up from sleep in the morning often cursing him (he never heard these curses) and I would lend him my computer at night. It was all fun and good times. Four years of hell I had not forgotten the meaning of fun, and he brought it back in me. I can never forget that. Thanks Neet. Love you man, miss you - Bala

Anahi said...

I would agree with most of what you wrote here, especially (m).

I think what NLUO lost, NLUD gained, and he's one of the best people here.

What you wrote is beautiful.


PS I didn't know he snored! :D :D