Friday, January 25, 2008

cRam it Like nO oNe

This poem was written by me when my mother started her traditional "OK, now start studying" lecture. The poem fetched me an award in Avant Garde Awards .

Yeah yeah mum learning
the pages are turning
I am sitting here alone
waiting for my clone
Why do i have to learn
when i want to live the real world
and let my brain burn
when i am in a fix and curled
I know learning will bring me bucks
but a slave's life sucks
I wanna observe the sky
and ask myself why
do i have to learn
just to make my life turn
You cram, work and die
become mad, rich and mud
never understood why life is so sly
You never ever wonder
why's life a blunder
God must be in a real thunder
who sent you here to cram under
You think you are cool
cos' you cram like a fool
but the real coolness is in thinking
not just turning the pages and blinking
But i will never be like you
and make my mind like poo
So mum just listen
and come out of the kitchen
that now i will listen to my heart
and not learn just to pull a cart
I want to discover life new
and become one of the few
who dared to be distinctive
and learnt to live their instinctive
I want everything to make my own perspective
and never listen to the others respective
But mum if you still want a crammer
I am sorry and i put the hammer
that you give birth to a new one
who could cram it like no one.


Raghav Goyal said...

dude you just explained the feeling of every third kota guy... cheers...

Anonymous said...

Hi niice poem..Very true..i feel the same way too - u toil through life to death!
have voted now..dunno if its late ;P

Apoorv said...

gooooooooooooood yar puneeeeeeeeeeeet

Apoorv said...

nice poem

Anonymous said...

first of all congrats on ur award.

nice and gud work
BPO work from home .

Setu said...

oye ..i was lost in my kota days...thanks for making me realize i m not complete waste ..if i see myself from this angle..

somyaa said...

congrates 4 d award... d poem's essence is universal!! All parents must read dis :)