Friday, January 25, 2008

nEw yEar eVe

Sitting here in my room, I am writing another post for my beloved blog. According to my watch the current time is 9:57, and the date is 31st december 2007. So 2008 is about to come. Today was nothing special as I again ignored my studies for the pre-boards from the morning. At 8:30 in the night my relatives called up my parents so that they together celebrate the new year. My parents went there, you see I refused to go. I love to remain alone in the house at such moments.
I switched on the television, many news channels were showing the celebrations in different parts of the country, people dancing in goa, animals singing in Assam :) and other news channels were showing the recap of this another worthless year. Getting bored of the television, I switched on my PC.
Really I was feeling sad, I don't know but this was a very bad and a very good year for me. Sitting alone in this room, I am feeling very hmm... you can say empty. Very empty. I am missing someone badly. 2007 was very remarkable for me. I betrayed my friends big time and got forgiven from them big time. This year I found that I can also write something. I loved my life for being so ugly and hated it to be so lovely, it's funny but I like the opposites. In studies, I lost a damn lot of acceleration. Gathered too much of experience in life. Even if I didn't study well, I lived my life to the fullest. Got in love, got out of it (that's the bad part). Learnt that everyone is not fair in this world. To say in short it was like a tear from the eye which didn't follow the laws of gravity (and fell to the ground) but like a tear which floated in the air. I lost and gained, that's life, you have to face it.
Sitting I am reflecting how valuable this year, how cute this year. How much I will love this, how will it go to my memory.
My dad just called me, I have to go to my relative's house to celebrate the coming of another new year, to get bored by their talks about my boardz.
Happy New Year again...

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