Friday, January 25, 2008

Will I ???

I watch the waves
listening people's raves
wondering if i will ever
be something called clever
or something tough
and eat my own puff
will i ever get a job
or just get lost in the mob
but i don't want to live
just to eat and give
still the world will take me
with the waves seriously
and i will be like a tree
depended on the world for serosity
thinking people don't survive here
they are called a stupid mare
but what if i don't succeed
in the studying try
and beg for my need
god doesn't gives everyone the same brain
so why do all go to the same drain
why don't we try
something new
why are we so dry
and always in the queue
let's take a novel path
and open our hearts
and take a holy bath
instead of one make individual starts
change the stinking world
and don't allow our mind
to be whirled
and don't get bind
but will i ever be
able to follow
this lecture let's see
cos' inside i am really hollow
hope i wont lose
and do the same
go for the stinking job and try
Will I ???


sarthak said...

and the poems that u've written, they're mindblowing, u know that i can write poems as well as a monkey banging on a typewriter, moreover, these poems that u've written can b converted to a rap as well,

nilesh said...

Gud poem

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