Friday, January 25, 2008

i will hAunt yOu

I will haunt you till my death
you will not be able to take a single breath
sleep is what you will never get again
this i am assuring you even in this damned pain
i still have the dagger
with which you hit me
still remember the manner
with which you hated me
life will be long for you
and you know you will be killed by who
you never deserved to be loved
because you are a doll full hate stuffed
see me in your dreams
and wake up in damned screams
you killed my crying heart
and ripped my soul apart
i still hear your damned swears
and forgetting my living cheers
i left everything for you
never thought you will do this too
dying to live to remember you
not in a good way
but just
you know what
I will haunt yOu...